Looking to the Future: Music Journalism

When attempting to launch into a changing media workforce there will always be a myriad of professional and personal issues that will arise when doing so. To be able to go further in my desired career as a music journalist it is imperative to identify the hurdles and complications that may present themselves along the way. Meeting strict deadlines, needing a wide range of knowledge … Continue reading Looking to the Future: Music Journalism

Secrets to Success

Due to the rapidly evolving media sphere, audiences are no longer looking for stock standard, run-of-the-mill media professionals. Due to this persistent need for something new, it is becoming difficult to attain a thriving career in this industry. Nonetheless, having a successful career in journalism, media and communication (JMC) is still achievable yet there are various key attributes that future and aspiring JMC professionals should … Continue reading Secrets to Success

Molly Meldrum: Media Professional Biography

When discussing the media that we know today it is crucial for our understanding to be attuned to the influences and ideals that have helped shape the media landscape throughout the past. There have been countless professionals in this field who have paved the way for the new generation of our media and Molly Meldrum is no exception. Molly Meldrum is one of Australia’s greatest … Continue reading Molly Meldrum: Media Professional Biography