A Guide to Sunflower Spotting

Judging by the increasing amount of yellow that is flooding my Instagram feed lately, it’s clear that sunflower season is now upon us. From December to March, expansive fields of the tall flowers start blooming all over Allora and the surrounding towns. Located in Queensland’s Darling Downs region, Allora is a two hour drive from Brisbane, just 20 minutes North of Warwick. The sunflower field … Continue reading A Guide to Sunflower Spotting

11 Signs It’s Summer in Queensland

Queensland: Australia’s Sunshine State. You would think that living in one of the northern parts of our sunburnt country that I would be used to the heat and rejoice come Summertime. You would be wrong. For someone like me, whose complexion resembles that of a speckled white marble bench top, Summer is definitely not one of my favourite seasons. If you’ve somehow lost track of … Continue reading 11 Signs It’s Summer in Queensland