Are Bornean Orangutans Disappearing?

“If something doesn’t happen in the next ten years, the only orangutans that are going to be left are the ones in zoos,” says Kobe Steele. Let that sit. These great apes that we share 97% of our genetic make-up with are dying at an alarming rate. A study conducted by Maria Voigt, a doctoral researcher from the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research, found … Continue reading Are Bornean Orangutans Disappearing?

Homegrown and Hand-Designed

Growing up, Ashleigh Finlay always had an affinity for drawing. Bringing to life the “whacky little creatures” her mind would conjure up became a fun activity she shared between her childhood best friends, Kaya and Matilda. To their surprise the trio saw quite a positive response amongst their peers, so the girls “opened [the] doors to entrepreneurship” and sold the drawings for 20 cents a … Continue reading Homegrown and Hand-Designed

The Resurgence of Records: Spinning Back Into the Mainstream

To a casual music fan, it may seem as though vinyl records have run their course. They sit still, resigned to the walls of antique shops or dusty boxes in people’s attics never to be played again. Although there has been a consistent demographic of vinyl enthusiasts, the classic album format has launched a comeback “fuelled by that unique sound quality and a nostalgia wave” … Continue reading The Resurgence of Records: Spinning Back Into the Mainstream