February ’19: The Soundtrack

We have reached the end of yet another month, which means it is time for my musical round-up! There were quite a few album releases that caught my eye in February – Ariana Grande’s much anticipated Thank U, Next album and Kehlani’s While We Wait to name a couple – but you’ll just have to keep on reading to see which one was my fave. This time around I’ve added a new category for my top picks: Got Me Dancin’. I thought it was about time to recognise the track that lifted my spirits for the month, put a smile on my face and (you guessed it) got me in the mood for a little groove! Take a look at my soundtrack to February, the month that was, and let me know if anything surprised you…

I found myself listening to two tracks in particular at the beginning of this month that were both quite similar in terms of their mood and genre. Garden of Eden by Mathilda Homer and Sweet Time by Victoria IX were two of my top jams in February. Both put forward a very soulful and RnB vibe with vocal lines that just cruise along to the backing instrumentals so effortlessly.

Sweet Time, Victoria IX

In regards to some more well known names, I was very into Meg Mac‘s new track, Something Tells Me. The boppy tune is a taste of what it is to come from her mini album that is due for release later in the year which I am so excited to hear. Vera Blue also released a new single, Like I Remember You, and teamed up with Greenpeace for the accompanying video to raise awareness for their People vs Oil campaign.

Something Tells Me, Meg Mac

Top Picks

Get Up, Nick Wilson

In My Feels: Get Up – Piano Version, Nick Wilson

Who doesn’t love a good piano-led ballad? Nick Wilson truly delivers some magical falsetto goodness on this track, with lyrics that encourage us to pick ourselves up after we’ve faced difficult times. Overall, as much as I love the original version of Get Up, the stripped piano version is beautifully soft and poised and forces you to listen to the lyrics and truly believe them.

Slow Motion, Jarryd James

Vibes For Days: Slow Motion, Jarryd James

I’ve been waiting to hear some new music from this Brisbane-born artist who blessed us with Do You Remember back in 2015. Jarryd James‘ new single Slow Motion sounds like it belongs in a post-apocalyptic feature film and is going to put me in a hypnotic trance at the same time.

Sunday Morning, Matoma (ft. Josie Dunne)

Got Me Dancin’: Sunday Morning, Matoma (ft. Josie Dunne)

This high energy track from Matoma and Josie Dunne is the perfect song to be given the first spot in this category because when that chorus hit me, my arms would not control themselves. Sunday Morning was released in December last year, however I only just discovered it and I’ve been listening to the electro-pop track on the way to work this past month in an attempt to pump myself up and I can tell you that those synths definitely do the job.

Betty, Betty Who

Fave New Album: Betty, Betty Who

I’m giving some more well-deserved love to our Aussie artists this month! Pop artist Betty Who‘s new album, simply titled Betty, is absolutely my top February release. Featuring some cheeky upbeat tracks like Language, Do With It and Between You and Me, this album ticks all the boxes whether you want to dance or sing your heart out in your bedroom or wind the windows down in your car and turn the volume as high as it can go. Some other top tracks from this album include Just Thought You Should Know, I Remember and Marry Me.

NASA, Ariana Grande

Highly Commended: NASA, Ariana Grande

I know some of you may be wondering why Thank U, Next wasn’t my favourite new album for this month but in all honesty, Ariana Grande just didn’t win me over with this one. Despite my disappointment while listening to this album there were a couple of standout tracks, in particular her pop bop NASAI love all of the lilting descending melodic phrases in this song; sometimes Ariana can go a bit overboard as if she’s trying to prove to us that she can sing (like, yes, we get it, you can hit whistle notes) but this track sits so nicely in her range without being boring.

If You See Her, LANY

Track of the Month: If You See Her, LANY

Despite being released last year, I’ve only just gotten around to listening to LANY‘s latest album, Malibu Nights. If You See Her is the third song in the album’s track list and tells the story of someone who was led to believe their relationship was in a great place until their significant other left them for no apparent reason. This synth pop track is my favourite off the album; I’ve been blasting it in the car ever since I heard it and I reckon you will be too once you give it a listen.

What songs were you singing along to this month? I love getting new song recommendations so drop them down in the comments and I’ll check them out! Hope you all enjoyed this post and look forward to next month’s!

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