A Guide to Sunflower Spotting

Judging by the increasing amount of yellow that is flooding my Instagram feed lately, it’s clear that sunflower season is now upon us. From December to March, expansive fields of the tall flowers start blooming all over Allora and the surrounding towns.

Located in Queensland’s Darling Downs region, Allora is a two hour drive from Brisbane, just 20 minutes North of Warwick. The sunflower field we stopped at was along the New England Highway, just before Allora. Other towns along the Sunflower Trail include Nobby and Clifton; be prepared to do some exploring and driving around in order to find an accessible field in full bloom that you can get that coveted Insta pic at.

As tempting as it is to go gallivanting through the rows and rows of sunflowers to find the perfect one to stand beside for your #candid flower power pic, you must remember to be respectful. These fields are not planted for your pleasure; they belong to the farmers who depend on these crops to make a living. If you destroy these flowers, you destroy their livelihood so please keep to the edges of the field, take your photo and move on.

Hot Tips:

  • Prepare for the heat: Remember, this is country Queensland in the middle of Summer; bring lots of water, wear sunscreen, a hat and your fave pair of sunnies
  • Make a day of it: If you’re driving all this way, you may as well make the most of it! After following the Sunflower Trail, why not head on over to Warwick and grab a bite for lunch.
  • Bring closed in shoes: They may not look as nice as your boho strappy sandals but there’s usually a whole heap of long grass on the side of the road you have to walk through to get to the sunflower fields and you never know what kind of snakes could be hiding in there… yikes! Just crop your shoes out of your Insta pic if you’re really that worried about them ruining your specially planned outfit.
  • Time it right: You don’t want to visit too early or too late in the season, and end up not finding any sunflowers because they haven’t bloomed yet or they’ve all been harvested. January to February is your best bet to snag a nice blooming field.

I wish you the best of luck on your sunflower spotting endeavours! Snap those pics, have a great road trip and enjoy what country Queensland has to offer.

Let me know if you have any tips of your own for snapping the perfect sunflower shot! Hopefully mine helped any of you who were thinking about heading out that way.

All images taken by me.

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