January ’19: The Soundtrack

With Triple J’s Hottest 100 still fresh in our mind, it seems that the only conversations going on in Australia at the moment are debates on whether your fave Vance Joy song ‘shoulda been higher’ than Amy Shark. So, with all this music talk going on it is only fitting that my next monthly soundtrack post has arrived! Sadly for some, you won’t find any Vance or Amy this time around, but I will take you through some of the standout new releases, recommendations and tunes I’ve only just stumbled across over the past month. Without further ado, here is my January soundtrack…

With Summer well and truly in full swing, it’s only right to have some upbeat, make-you-wanna-dance tunes that you can add to your BBQ playlist. Some of the more pop based tracks in my regular rotation this month included Should’ve Known Better by Clean Bandit ft. Anne-Marie and I Remember by Australian artist Betty Who (who is always a great go-to for feel good dance tracks). I was also really impressed by Brynn Cartelli, the 15-year-old (and youngest ever) winner of The Voice America, with her track Last Night’s Mascara and Perfect by RØMANS which both make me want to groove in typical white girl fashion a.k.a very badly. My top Summer song at the moment, even though it was released almost two years ago, is Ritual by Wrabel. If you’ve only heard the Marshmello version of this song, I implore you to listen to the track that was released on Wrabel’s We Could Be Beautiful EP. I find it a lot nicer to listen to without all of the extra EDM additions.


January introduced me to a number of new artists I’d never listened to before and one of which was Sophia Wackerman. Her debut song Stop Your Lying is subtly soulful tune with sprinklings of gospel-like backing vocals. There’s a moment in the melody of the chorus where she masterfully flicks from her chest voice to her head voice and it took me by surprise the first time I heard it but it’s honestly my favourite part of the whole song. It takes an amazing knowledge of your own voice and great vocal technique to be able to do that without sounding like a strangled cat, so kudos to Sophia!

Stop Your Lying, Sophia Wackerman

I was also pleasantly surprised to hear a new release from Hozier entitled Almost (Sweet Music). It’s unusually up tempo as compared to the Hozier we’re used to, with the use of rhythm and percussion utilised really well in this song for an added layer of interest. We’re set to hear more from the Irish artist when his next album Wasteland, Baby! is released on March 1st.

Almost (Sweet Music), Hozier

January’s song round up included some other honourable mentions which included Misfit by LévyneBreathing by Hamzaa and Sunday by Office Hours. Cian Ducrot‘s Aftertaste was another song I’ve been listening to quite a lot this month as well as Iman‘s Therapy and You & Me by James TW. It’s time though for my top winners of this month!

In the Feels Award: Bliss, Izzy Mawdesley

Izzy Mawdesley‘s tender vocals shine through in this poignant piano-led track entitled Blissthat tells of a love she’s been waiting for her whole life that she’s finally found. Her breathy tone and soft delivery drew me in immediately and I just wish she had more material that I could binge listen to because I absolutely would if I could.

Bliss,Izzy Mawdesley

Vibes for Days: Wow., Post Malone

As the first track on my January playlist, Wow. has been on regular rotation for the entire month. Post Malone‘s signature melodic rapping style is in full force on this song, highlighted during the verses which are quite simplistic in terms of layering.

Wow., Post Malone

Fave New Album: Human, dodie

After her teaser tracks If I’m Being Honest, Burned Out and Human were released last year, I have anticipating this EP for quite a while now. The standout track has got to be Monstera fun and quirky tune with some very cool instrumentation and an equally imaginative music video that dropped last week. I’m sure many dodie fans were excited to see her revisit She, a song she originally uploaded to YouTube a few years ago, and give it a beautifully crafted instrumental facelift.

Human EP, dodie

Highly Commended: Take It To The Heart, Odette

My sister has one of the most all over the place music tastes I’ve ever come across in my entire life but sometimes she can find an absolute diamond. When she told me she had yet another song to show me I was suitably skeptical but when she put on this track by Odette, I was blown away. With an infectious backbeat, catchy chorus and mellow vocals, Take It To The Heart should be added to all of your Summer playlists ASAP. After hearing the unbelievable vocal gymnastics in the last run of the chorus, Odette has solidified her place in my top songs of the year already.

Take It To The Heart, Odette

Track of the Month: Want You Back, Grey ft. LÉON

As soon as LÉON‘s vocals and the plucking bass line of this track graced my ears, I already knew I was going to like it. But it wasn’t until the chorus that I fully appreciated how much a Grade-A banger this was. Just listen to the way the vocals are isolated at the beginning of the chorus, almost suspended and floating in mid-air, before the backing comes down hard on the downbeats and gives us that drop we all know is coming. Grey and LÉON are a match made in heaven on Want You Back and I never want to stop listening to it.

Want You Back, Grey ft. LÉON

If you want to have a listen to the tracks I’ve mentioned in this post as well as the rest of my January rotation, check out my Spotify playlist! Make sure to give it a follow to see what I’m listening to right now:

This was my second instalment of my Soundtrack series… what do you guys think? Are you liking them? Let me know in the comments if I should keep doing these or if there are any other categories of awards I should add! Happy listening folks xx

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