New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Worth It

Get healthy. Save money. Take up a hobby.

These are some of the most common resolutions many of us end up making when the New Year comes around. As we cross out the number eight we’ve written on the end of the date and replace it with a nine, we are reminded that this is a new year and a fresh start to achieve the things we’ve always wanted to.

But it never really works, does it?

Somehow, usually by the end of about March or April, our New Year’s resolutions have slipped our mind and we drift into a stupor of the same old habits we’ve always had. We’ve missed one too many morning runs and before you know it, we’ve gone three weeks without doing any exercise. We’ve all gone into our local Westfield to get a couple of stationery items we needed, but that pretty blue dress in the window looks perfect for Lily’s 21st next month, oh, and those shoes would go so nicely (you don’t have a good pair of going-out heels so they’ll be a good edition to your shoe collection) and then the money you were going to save this month has just gone down by a considerable amount.

It’s by no fault of our own that these resolutions are so hard to keep. We end up biting off more than we can chew when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions; the annual shift towards improving ourselves becomes infectious and we place our expectations far too high up to make any continuing change. We don’t make these goals manageable, nor do we make them realistic.

But why does it have to be a New Year‘s resolution? Why can’t it be a third week in May resolution or a 25th of August resolution? January 1st isn’t that magical of a date that we can only start becoming better people when the date reads 01/01.

Don’t pressure yourself into making resolutions right at the beginning of the year. Take your time; flesh out what you want to achieve and break it down into smaller pieces you can more easily chip away at and see a measurable difference in your behaviour.

You make a difference in your life at any point you choose. The beginning of a new year is a good place to start but remember, it’s not the be-all and end-all. If you wake up one Thursday morning and feel a sense of motivation to pick up that guitar you’ve been wanting to start learning, then go right ahead! You don’t have to wait for some special day to do it.


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