Sam Smith: The Thrill Of It All World Tour

If there’s one thing in this world that I love more than Crispy MnM’s, it would be Sam Smith’s angelic voice. The 26-year-old British singer made his way down under this November for his The Thrill of It All World Tour and you can bet I did everything in my power to make sure I was there.

Ever since Stay With Me graced the airwaves, Sam Smith has been a constant in my music listening rotation. Regardless of how many times I listen to his songs on repeat, they will never lose their ability to take me back to the same emotions I felt the first time I heard them.

Smith’s tendency to produce emotionally driven, sombre tunes concerned me a tad leading up to the concert; I wasn’t sure whether I would end up crying tears of  joy or because I was getting hit in the feels for a solid 2 hours. Smith even addressed this concern himself during the concert, saying he worked tirelessly with his team to make sure he left the audience feeling like they enjoyed themselves rather than depressed once the concert ended.


As the lights dimmed and screams could be heard from all around, I prepared myself for a night of belting out my fave tunes and I can honestly say I was not left disappointed. He performed many new releases from his latest album, including Midnight Train, Too Good At Goodbyes, HIM, and Baby, You Make Me Crazy as well as keeping the OG fans happy with tracks like Latch, Lay Me Down, and Restart all making an appearance.

Smith’s vocals didn’t skip a beat even as he strutted and danced up and down the skinny triangle-shaped stage. His band and backing vocalists were given the due credit they deserved and were showered in applause and cheers from the appreciative audience.

The set design was so simple and yet so impressive. A giant triangular prism stood in solitude at the back of arena, commanding the space around it; I had an inkling as soon as I saw it that it may be hiding some secrets and it turns out my prediction was correct as a golden spiral staircase was revealed during the encore of the show.


Apart from the gaggle of 14-year-olds in the row behind me who incessantly screeched “I love you” during every possible silent moment in the show, I enjoyed every single moment. Smith’s vocals floated gloriously over the crowd at all times, the visuals were stunningly elegant and the rest of the musicians who joined him on stage were phenomenal in their own right.

This concert exemplified Smith’s raw talent in a way that only he could pull off; it was a celebration of love, loss and everything in between. As the red confetti fell from the roof during Stay With Me, so too did I fall even further in love with Sam Smith and his music which is so dear to many of our hearts.



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