In Review: A Star Is Born

Having been released a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was about time I get myself to a cinema to see the movie that everyone has been raving about: A Star Is Born. There is no doubt this movie has been generating a considerable amount of hype for a number of reasons however, I’m not convinced it deserves the glowing 100% positive reception it seems to be getting.

A Star Is Born follows the story of successful musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) who by chance meets Ally (Lady Gaga), a struggling, up-and-coming singer who has almost given up all hope of having a music career of her own. Instantly infatuated by her, Maine brings Ally along on his tour and after an unexpected performance at one of his shows, Ally is launched into the singing career she has always wanted.

I can’t go any further without acknowledging the KILLER vocals that Gaga brings to this film; seeing her true artistry in such a raw form is so refreshing and reiterates just how immensely talented she is. Singing beside her may have been a daunting prospect for Cooper, yet he doesn’t skip a beat. Shallow, the film’s signature song, ticks all the right boxes and is a certified belter that I’m sure will be on everyone’s Christmas party karaoke list next month.

The film generally progressed really well; it was well paced, wasn’t overly trope-y and delivered some poignant emotional moments. But those aspects began to peter off towards the end creating quite an underwhelming end. It felt as though they just kept adding more plot points to drag the time out further and were confused about where the movie should finish. Don’t get me wrong, I had many a tear in my eye towards the film’s conclusion, but then again I cry when I see pictures of dogs giving people hugs so I wouldn’t rely too heavily on my emotional gauge.

Despite the disappointing ending, I would still recommend seeing this film. Its exploration of tumultuous and complex relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, and conflicting priorities is moving and warrants the acclaim the movie is getting. The songs are not out of place; their integration is seamless and natural, enhancing the storytelling this film provides. I can guarantee you I will be listening to this soundtrack on repeat and belting the words “I’M OFF THE DEEP END” for the next six weeks.


Have you guys seen this movie yet? What did you think? Chuck me a comment and let me know your thoughts! xx

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Ent.

3 thoughts on “In Review: A Star Is Born

  1. Great review, I too really liked the film. I don’t think it’s the amazing game changer people have been talking about when gushing over this particular movie, but I enjoyed a lot of it. For it to be Cooper’s directorial debut it’s a knockout. For all the problems it’s a great first outing.

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