Photoseries: Brisbane Nightscape

During the day Brisbane is a bustling metropolis, full of life and movement… but what happens after the sun sets? I wanted to capture the movement and wonder that my home city offers when things go dark by going on a little night photography adventure. These are my top picks from this night-time shoot!

20180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_001 crop20180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_00220180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_00320180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_00420180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_00520180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_00620180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_00720180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_00820180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_00920180830_AssignmentIV_MPaulsen_010


I’m still a bit of a beginner when it comes to night photography so if you have any tips for me leave them down in the comments! I’d love to get better at long exposure shots… they are my absolute fave 😄 Also, let me know where your most frequented evening hangout spot is! I can’t get enough of this fantastic city and would love to explore! xx

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