In Review: The Gateway

The Gateway is a prime example of the classic sci-fi trope ‘when science goes too far.’ A gripping story of murderous husbands and parallel worlds, John V. Soto and Michael White have taken the idea of teleportation and dangled it’s endless possibilities and dire consequences right in front of our noses.

Jane Chandler (Jacqueline McKenzie) is a particle physicist and researcher who has been experimenting with matter teleportation with her partner Regg (Ben Mortley). After funding for their project is threatened to be discontinued, Jane takes another blow as her husband Matt (Myles Pollard) is killed in a car accident. She works tirelessly in her lab and eventually gets the results she wants, but discovers something else along the way: how to travel to parallel worlds. Despite Regg’s warnings, Jane takes a leap of faith and teleports herself to a parallel world almost exactly the same as hers. She finds her ‘alternate’ husband in this seemingly similar place and brings him back with her in a bid to fill the hole he had left when he died. Everything is going well with this new Matt until his true nature and violent agenda are revealed.

The way in which this film explores darker themes in an interesting and nuanced way is commendable. The subtleties in behaviour between ‘alternate’ Matt and the original Matt is greatly convincing and a credit to Myles Pollard’s acting. Every scene he is in drips with unease and sets your nerves on edge. There is an eeriness throughout the entirety of the film which reinforces the tone but it limits the contrast by not letting the lighter scenes have any impact. If you’re looking to feel apprehensive and creeped out for an hour and a half while still getting your sci-fi fix, then this is absolutely the film for you.


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