Festivities, Food and Founders: South Side School Turns 30

Preparations for Clairvaux Mackillop College’s annual Founder’s Day celebration which will take place on August 5th are already underway, with this year marking the 30th anniversary of the amalgamation of single-sex schools, Clairvaux College and Mackillop College. Only two co-educational Catholic schools in the Greater Brisbane region have been founded through the merging of single-sex schools and Clairvaux Mackillop is the oldest, the other being … Continue reading Festivities, Food and Founders: South Side School Turns 30

Secrets to Success

Due to the rapidly evolving media sphere, audiences are no longer looking for stock standard, run-of-the-mill media professionals. Due to this persistent need for something new, it is becoming difficult to attain a thriving career in this industry. Nonetheless, having a successful career in journalism, media and communication (JMC) is still achievable yet there are various key attributes that future and aspiring JMC professionals should … Continue reading Secrets to Success